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I’m Merrie, a therapist, an educator, a trainer, and a Board-certified supervisor in the dynamic field of Social Work. 

I graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2009 Summa cum laude with a Masters degree in Social Work. My background includes training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I am a national provider for the Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) trauma model. My extensive training with Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) allows me to guide couples toward meaningful and transformative connections.

My career experience includes working in an intensive outpatient program doing individual and group therapies. I am also trained as an educator in the areas of family issues that include divorce, high conflict relationships, and blending families

 Beyond my dedication to helping individuals and couples navigate life’s challenges, I find solace in the art of writing. Through my blog, you will uncover insightful musings on various topics, ranging from interpersonal and family dynamics to fostering deep connections with others.

Occasionally I weave in personal narratives, offering glimpses into my own journey. So, take a moment to peruse through the blog tabs; I hope you find stories that resonate, brighten your day, and perhaps leave you feeling a bit more enlightened. 

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My mission is to facilitate personal growth, healing, and resilience in the lives of my clients.

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I am located in Tulsa, Oklahoma for individual and couple therapy sessions. I also offer telehealth therapy in both Oklahoma and Arkansas.

My style of therapy is based on best-practice models and emphasizes insights, education, connection, and communication (often incorporating humor) to create a strengths-based approach.

People want to understand themselves, why they do the things they do, how to stop doing the things they don’t want to do, how to get what they want, and how to feel love and connection with others.

I help people organize their experiences so they can understand what they need to do: whether that is how to make better choices, how to cope with life’s challenges, how to grieve a loss, how to invest in a relationship, or how to have the courage to grow in a new direction.

I can help you to improve your co-parenting relationship; to process mental health issues, addiction, or trauma; and to cope with a separation, divorce, or infidelity..

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Looking for LCSW Supervision?

I am a board-certified supervisor with the Oklahoma State Board of Social Workers.

My experience includes:
Supervision of Oklahoma LCSW applicants for licensure;
Mentoring and supervising students in field practicums;
Faculty liaison with the University of Oklahoma.

My style of supervision includes an understanding of educational and professional development needs and focuses on individual growth, leveraging strengths to facilitate progress as you move towards your licensing goal.

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Supervision Testimonials:

Christine W.

“I’m so thankful you helped me become a better clinician, more empathetic, but mostly you made me believe in myself again. Thank you for allowing me to be myself. You have left a mark on me and my soul and, honestly, thank you is not enough.”

Lisa H.

“Merrie excels at her role of social work supervisor. She is exceptionally ethical and knowledgeable. She is available, flexible, compassionate, and welcoming. She uses healthy communication to stress the importance of limits, roles, and expectations. She encouraged a healthy and positive climate for my love of learning.”

Looking for Training?

My training experience ranges from teaching small classes to presenting at large conferences.
In my role as a therapist and educator, I have a wealth of experience with various populations.


My work with couples has elevated my skills in the areas of communication, connection, and organizing couple experiences so they can move towards change.

court-directed women

My work with a population of court-directed women who were dealing with complex issues such as criminal thinking, addiction, relationship issues, and trauma allowed me to participate in the development, enhancement, and delivery of many interventions and challenging group curriculums.

Family Life Educator

My background as a Family Life Educator with Family & Children’s Services lends itself to supporting families through difficult transitions like divorce and high conflict situations.

agency experiences

My agency experiences taught me about creating and delivering educational experiences for client groups and colleagues.

Training Style and Ideas

My style is about insights, education, connection, and communication in a strengths-based presentation that often (and hopefully) involves humor.

Ideas for trainings might include:
And Then What Happened? – A Conversation That Matters (for Therapists)
Assertive Communication
Be the Change You Want to See in Others
Burnout and Coping with Stress
Co-Parenting – Why Does This Matter to Your Children?
Creating Safety in Relationships
Emotional Intelligence
Enhanced Communication Styles
Healthy Boundaries – How to Say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and Mean It
Self-Advocacy and Self Esteem
Trauma: The Impact on Self and Others


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